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While off-the-rack shirts are readily available in the market, there is something special about custom tees that make them appealing to most customers. Aside from the satisfaction of choosing your own design based on your preference, the process involved in producing a design makes custom T-shirt printing remarkable. Screen T-shirt printing Las Vegas uses special techniques for each design. Screen printing is just one of the cost-effective methods used for the process.

Screen T-shirt printing Las Vegas gives you the ability to print and reprint design on various materials such as papers and fabrics.  Screen printing or silk screening is a popular method introduced by Andy Warhol. This method requires skills and creativity.

Screen T-shirt Printing Las Vegas – The Ropes

Chinese artists invented screen printing and it emerged in  200 AD. Since it is easy and quick to use, this method continues to grow in popularity. The main goal of screen printing is to transfer an image to the surface of your choice.  The process involves placing the stencil image on a frame with woven mesh. You can transfer the image by covering the mesh with ink or paint. There are areas on the stencil that need to be cut out for the ink or color to pass through.

You need to apply pressure when covering the surface with ink to ensure that colors are spread evenly across the stencil. Once you remove the silkscreen, it will reveal the exact copy of the image you transferred. There is no need to change the screen so long as you only require the same design.  Screen printing essentials include printing screen, stencil, pencil, cutting mat, iron, ink or paint and many others.

You have to choose your design before the screen printing process begins. Make sure you use the right screen to get desirable results. The screen to use will depend on several factors such as the type of ink, type of press and the details of your design. You will need finer mesh if you have a heavy-detailed design. Applying light-sensitive emulsion to the screen is essential to the process.

When setting up your press, keep in mind that each screen printing machine delivers different results. This is why selecting the right printing equipment is important.

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For bulk orders, you need to consider using a screen printing machine because manual screen printing is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Printing industries prefer to use screen printing machine because it is capable of delivering consistent and high-quality designs.

If you want to create your own design at home, DIY screen printing kit is also available. However, it does not guarantee the same high-quality results that T-Shirt Printing Las Vegas provides. Large shops have advanced equipment that can handle all types of printing jobs. You will also get the quality you desire.

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