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7 Best Things You Can Take Home With You on Your Next Las Vegas Trip

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Are you looking for some fun Las Vegas souvenirs to bring back to your friends and family? Las Vegas is known for its casinos, night clubs, and restaurants along the famous Las Vegas Strip. However, there is so much more to discover here. (Like custom t-shirt printing!)

On your next trip, you may want to bring something unique home to your loved ones, or as a keepsake for yourself to remember your Las Vegas adventure. Las Vegas has a lot of fun things for every member of your family. You can find something for the chocolate lover to the poker player and everything in between. Read on for 7 things you can take home with you on your next Las Vegas trip.

1. Saguaro Cactus

If you are not from the desert, you may not have seen too many Saguaro Cacti in their natural landscape. During your trip to Las Vegas, you can find the Saguaro Cactus and a lot of other desert cacti and plants too. The Saguaro Cactus is a great souvenir because you can buy a small one to take home with you and enjoy it for a long time to come. With proper care, your new Saguaro will grow into a rather large and lovely plant.

2. M&M’s World

For a yummy souvenir for all your chocolate lovers, take a trip to the M&M’s World Store on the Las Vegas Strip. This store is four levels high and contains much more than just M&M’s. There are various candies and collectibles. The cool thing about this souvenir is that you can get personalized M&M’s to take back home to your friends and family. Personalized M&M’s are a great souvenir option for the kiddos in your life. At M&M’s World, it is easy to personalize your gifts. For around $20, you can customize 8 ounces of yummy candy by choosing a name, clip art, and even select customized packaging.

3. Custom Poker Chips

Poker is a classic Las Vegas table game. When you get home from your Las Vegas trip, it might be fun to plan a poker night for your friends. Poker chips typically come in three varieties. Fancy chips are made out of clay and contain a cloth inlay in the middle. You can get chips made from epoxy blends with graphics or photos printed on them. The third material chips are the cheapest option. These are lightweight plastic. You can get a cheap set of plastic chips for as little as $20 for 300 chips. If you want to get some Las Vegas-style custom chips, you can get a set of the clay chips with custom inlays for around $300.

4. Navajo Turquoise Jewelry

You may want to include a trip to Lake Mead, Boulder City, or the Hoover Dam during your Las Vegas adventure. On your way to these destinations, you will pass by several antique stores and thrift shops where you can find unique Native American jewelry and other collectible items.

Over 50,000 Navajo tribe members are living in Nevada, and many of them make unique jewelry and goods that you can purchase. You can find some fabulous jewelry as well as some other cool Native American made items, including blankets, furniture, purses, pottery, dream catchers, and even bows and arrows. Navajo jewelry is distinctive in its Turquoise stone inlays made with locally mined Boulder Turquoise.

5. Jean Philippe Patisserie Chocolates

Las Vegas has embraced best in class pastry chef, Jean Phillippe Patisserie with shops at both the Bellagio and the Aria. You may want to check out these shops for unique and exotic chocolate delights, including gourmet ice cream, crepes, cookies, cakes, and of course, chocolate. These shops are not only a fun experience, complete with chocolate fountains; they are also a great place to grab some yummy souvenirs to bring home with you for later.

6. Locally Distilled Liquor

Did you know that the production of distilled spirits was prohibited in Nevada until 2011? With so many other things legal in this state, including gambling and drinking in public spaces, it is interesting that there was a ban on distilled liquor for so long.

Founders of the Las Vegas Distillery fought hard and won to push through a law that was neglected by the legislature for far too long, lifting the ban on distilled liquor production. Now, you can get artisan vodka that is locally distilled by the Las Vegas Distillery. Their liquors can be found at most liquor retailers around the valley. You can also visit the Las Vegas Distillery for a tour and buy a bottle to take home with you for a souvenir.

7. Custom Printed T-shirt from AA Custom Printing

What better way to remember your Las Vegas trip than with your very own custom printed T-shirt? At AA Custom Printing, you can customize your very own Las Vegas-style T-shirt, or get personalized T-shirts for every member of your family. The sky’s the limit at AA Custom Printing, so you can make a unique souvenir that not only represents your Las Vegas trip but will also highlight your style.

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Where Can You Customize Shirts in Las Vegas?

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