Polyester Shirts vs. Cotton Shirts – How They Compare

Well-designed prints on T-shirts always leave most people in awe, but the process involved in printing is quite challenging. You can have the best designs and the most efficient printing machine, but the wrong fabric can affect the result. It is only imperative that custom T-shirt printing Las Vegas chooses high-quality fabrics for promotional products and corporate giveaways because they represent your brand.

Cotton vs Polyester T-shirt printing Las Vegas

While there are many types of fabrics to choose from, cotton and polyester make the cut because these materials yield great results.  In weighing your options, it is best to consider advantages and disadvantages of these fabrics.

Cotton – Screen printers prefer cotton because of its ability to accommodate any type of printing technique except sublimation printing. Since cotton is soft, it brings comfort to the wearer, allowing good air circulation. However, cotton has its own disadvantages because this fabric material tends to shrink when washed. You will need to iron it as it wrinkles easily.

The lack of durability is another disadvantage. Cotton shirts are prone to breaking down when frequently exposed to sunlight. If your company organizes one-time events such as family gatherings or conferences, giving away cotton shirts is the way to go. With durability as the main concern, these events do not require you to wear the shirt on a regular basis.

Polyester – This fabric material is ideal for performance t-shirts because they can absorb moisture. The fabric keeps your skin dry and creates a lightweight feel even when participating in an intense physical activity. Its durable materials can withstand elements. Unlike cotton, polyester is wrinkle resistant. Although polyester has many good points, it also has its own limitations.

When it comes to printing, dye migration does not work well on polyester shirts. The material suits the sports team because of its resistance to stretching and wrinkles. High-intensity physical activities cause athletes to sweat, making the features of polyester fabric stand out. However, polyester fabric when used on dye migration or direct to garment printing does not provide outstanding results. This fabric works well on sublimation printing.

Both fabrics have their own advantages and disadvantages. In some cases, printing firms prefer the best of both worlds: 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Cotton vs Polyester T-shirt Printing Las Vegas uses only high-quality materials as quality should never take a backseat.  Each fabric undergoes visual inspection to produce eye-catching designs. Your promotional products need to make a statement and settling for low-quality fabric is not an option.